Saturday, October 3, 2009

Day 43 - Eugenia Maria Campos Braganza

Eugenia Maria Campos Braganza (23rd Aug 1971 - 3rd Oct 2009)

Gina, as she was popularly known, cannot be described in a few words. I have tried to, but just cannot put my feelings about her on paper.

I met Gina in 1997 when I joined 3M in the Visual Systems Division as a Sales person. She was the marketing person for the division. I remember distinctly that she got me to attend a series of meetings with the WW folks who had come down to India so that I could fast track learn about the division. This was within 7 days of my joining. From the beginning I was blown away by her creativity and her talent. My first lessons in marketing were from her. Gina is my teacher.

I attended her marraige in Hyderabad in 1998 and it was by far one of the most fun christian weddings to attend. Carlton and Gina came in a bullock cart and their wedding card was one that would put a smile on your face. They moved close to our house in St. Thomas town and we would land up at their place quite often. They introduced us to Sanjeev and Ritu Rakhra who have since then become family for us. When we moved to Dheeraj Manor where we now stay, we told them and invited them over to have a look at the building. Carlton and Gina liked the place as well and they bought their flat one floor above ours. Gina is our neighbour.

In between all the above, she left 3M and started TrumpIT which grew in reputation and recogniton. She started Opus which was first of its kind in the country. Opus grew in stature year after year till it has become three Opus and She started the first internet Radio station in India. The best part was that she did all this in the day and stil had time and energy to party with the crowd in the night. Everything she started was unique and a success. Gina is an entrepenuer extraordinaire and a rockstar.

Gina has had an effect on every single member of my family in some way or the other. She was my sister's boss at TrumpIt, my mother swears by her Goan Marguerite and says that she has never found that taste anywhere in the world, my son (2 yrs old) played with her on the last day and was inquiring about her yellow Jeep and she has been an inspiration to me. Gina is family.

Over the years we may have not kept in touch and gone separate ways but every time she saw me or my wife she had the same backslapping nature, the most amazing and welcome smile, a twinkle in her eyes and a heart big enough to accomodate the whole world. Gina is a friend.

Gina lived life on her terms. No one could dictate to her what could not be done. The rules of the world bent humble in front of her to accomodate her vision. Her employees were her friends and at the same time learnt a lot from her. Gina is an inspiration.

What can I say about the premature parting of a teacher, a mentor, a neighbour, a friend, a rockstar, an inspiration, a guiding light, a sunshine smile and a family member?

This was not the time or the way for her to go!

I am sure she will open an Opus in heaven and teach God and the angels a thing or two about living life KING SIZE.

Gina will be missed very badly! May you find as much love and happiness in heaven as you did on earth.


  1. Beautiful words Kaushal for a beautiful friend.

  2. a wonderful summary of someone who did make an impact on all our lives

  3. Dear Kaushal, so well written. Gina was one of those who can be called an Angel. I have known her since 1994 - she is everything to my wife... And both of us are unable to comprehend such a loss.

    regards, sandip

  4. Kaushal, you've said it all & so beautifully! Its'a true tribute to our "Superangel Friend"! & yes I can imagine a Happening & Rocking Opus up there.... A place for all of us party when we join her...

    God bless


  5. Kaushal, You've captured the essence of who Gina was in your tribute. She was one of those few precious people whose personalities carry with them a fragrance that lingers in the minds of all those who are were fortunate to have had their paths cross hers. She was a true angel amongst us mere mortals. Thank you for taking the time to write such a beautiful tribute in her memory.

  6. Thanks Kaushal for putting Gina in words, best described. What a soul she was and will always remain in our hearts. She is one of the rarest souls I have known who was so detached yet so close to so many of us, she touched all of us without any expectations.

    Alok (Goa)

  7. Thank you Kaushal for this extremely beautiful & touching tribute.

  8. Beautiful words.... Wish i had known this beautiful person as well as i knew her creations.

  9. She did make an impact and set an example to always aim higher, be different and embrace life. One can always aspire to be like her but I believe she was one-of-a-kind. God bless and offer comfort to Carlton and her family during this very difficult and painful time.

  10. Love u Gina...cant get over the fact that you are gone...but feel blessed that i knew you and that you touched my soul...

  11. I only met Gina twice very briefly in Bangalore at Opus through my good friends Stanley & Yvonne and immediately saw what a wonderful and also strong and capable person she was. Thank you Kaushal so much for helping me get to know much more about Gina who no way should have left us so early in her life. Yes, I will be looking for OPUS up there if and when I get there.

  12. Very touching tribute ! I do wish her smile will light up the heavens and stay with Carlton in everything he does always !

  13. Kaushal! truly an amazing tribute to the Most Amazing lady that I have ever met.Thank you for putting it in words.

  14. Kaushal..very well stated. A fitting tribute to a wonderful friend that I will miss dearly! A number of us who studied with her at SIBM and have known her since, will cherish her lively, vibrant self who never wore a sad look, never ever ran out of ideas and personified "Bindaas" in every possible manner!

    Every moment spent with her is a moment to cherish.

  15. Linda Rodrigues Said....
    Even though I don't know her, it saddens me that God takes away such lovely people who bring smiles, laughter and joy to so many. May her soul rest in peace.

  16. The candle burnt out long before the legend ever did.

  17. I was in school with gina at st.joseph academy dehradun.Ever since we passed out school we were not in touch but i always missed her.The day my husband bought me my first laptop the first thing was to register on the face book and sent gina a message.I waited for her all these days to reply not knowing that she was no more.May her soul rest in peace.Sorry gina i was late.